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Oro Loma Ranch is a family owned business located on the western edge of Fresno County.  This fertile farming region of the San Joaquin Valley makes an ideal growing area for our almond trees, Italian olive trees, asparagus, and nursery trees.

Here at Oro Loma Ranch we grow five varieties of Italian olive trees.  Our olive oil is cold pressed and certified by the California Olive Oil Council, Inc. ("COOC") as Certified California Extra Virgin Oil.  This insures a high quality product to the consumer that is also recognized by the International Olive Oil Council. 

We have a mass variety of Almond producing trees grown right here in the Central Valley, as well as specializing in growing young almond trees for future production. With the construction of our new Almond Processing Plant being completed we now have the ability to processes our own product.

We harvest Asapargus twice a year and with our new state of the art technology we are the only ranch found in the Central Valley that can grow, pack, and ship the asparagus right from our own processing site.

As our on-line store is still under construction, gift baskets will soon be added to our product line along with bulk sales and gallon containers of olive oil for the Restaurant trade. 

Thank you for visiting our web site.  We hope you enjoy our products and would greatly appreciate your comments.

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