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Where are you located?

Oro Loma Ranch is located in Firebaugh, CA.

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What does Oro Loma mean?

Oro Loma is spanish for gold hills. It references the golden summer color of the coastal mountain range of central California just minutes from our ranch.

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What is extra virgin olive oil?

Extra virgin is the first oil from the first pressing of the olives. It has perfect flavor, color and aroma and, threfore is the best and the most expensive.

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What is Fine Virgin?

It is from the same pressing as extra virgin, but is less flavorful and more acidic.

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What is "Pure" olive oil?

Pure olive oil is a blend of refined and virgin oil.

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What type of lemons do you use in your lemon olive oil?

Oro Loma Ranch uses California Grown Meyer lemons.

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How much oil does Oro Loma Ranch produce?

Each year we produce about 1800 gallons of olive oil.

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How soon does your olives become olive oil?

Once our tress are harvested it only takes a few hours for our olives to be pressed into olive oil.

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How many olive trees does Oro Loma Ranch have?

We currently have 3500 olive trees in production.

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